Advantages of Hanex Solid Surfaces


  • Rich colors and Textures.

Discover the many unique benefits of Hanex Solid Surfaces.
The only limitation of Hanex is your imagination. Available in over 60 rich colors and textures with Superior Function and Form.

  • Unlimited Flexibility

Hanex Solid Surfaces are crafted from a unique blend of 100% acrylic resins and natural materials, so sheets can be cut with most standard saws, bent and shaped during fabrication and formed into an unlimited range of designs. Your design need only be limited by your imagination.

  • Easy Maintenance/Repairs

Unlike other surfacing materials, Hanex is non-porous and solid throughout the entire material. These features make Hanex virtually maintenance free and repairable.

  • Durability


  • Stain Resistance Report

Hanex is an acrylic solid surfaces with a high level of alumina trihydrate content as the filler, an ingredient which provides superior resistance to stains and chemicals. Hanex Solid Surface is easy to work with. The wide variety of colors and patterns provide the characteristics that make it the perfect choice: an attractive, affordable, contemporary surface that can stand up to heavy traffic and day-to-day use.


  • Thermal Stability


Hanex resists changes in color and shape when heat is applied to the material from an outside source, including direct and indirect heat source. Hanex has been tested in the following thermal categories:

                   • Heat Resistance
                   • Hot Water Resistance
                   • Weatherability
                   • UV Stability