Since 1952, Hanwha has been making strides to become a global entity. Having started out as a national undertaking, Hanwha has grown to become a diverse worldwide organization. Not only is it now one of Korea's top-ten enterprises, Hanwha is recognized as a key global player - one of the 500 most important businesses in the World.

They’ve accomplished this feat by being innovative, investing boldly in the future, and by keeping an eagle eye on changes in the dynamic global marketplace. With sure footing, it have steadily evolved into a global business group with affiliates in the three core sectors: manufacturing & construction, finance, and services & leisure.




Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, Hanwha is a leader in innovative technologies including telecommunications, Internet and chemicals. The company is a global Fortune 500 company and is the 5th largest industrial conglomerate.

Established in 1952 under the name Korea Explosives Corporation, Hanwha employs approximately 22,000 people worldwide with revenues reported in excess of $22 billion. Hanwha has five business areas: manufacturing/construction, finance, distribution/leisure, SI/communication, and sports.